Need to get Smart Contract Verified (like really really need)

My Original Token was created using
My Token is Called BeautyBitcoin and it does Exist , but I need to get it verified through Bscscan and Etherscan. I am willing to pay someone if they can get my Smart Contract Verified for me.

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Why can't you verify it yourself?

Funny that's what I keep saying.

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I think at least you should share your contract address to verify

So where is your original source code.

My Original Source Code is in Remix Ethereum.

Contract Address:

Emmmm, you can paste at here, without the source code, I can do nothing.

No , my name is Ace Eleanor not Emm.

But anyway I will just continue to work on it myself.

Okay, maybe you can have a look at this tutorial:

I have read everything and tried everything I can think of.
I would rather pay someone to get it verified if they can actually get it verified for me.
Contract Address: 0xdf0368528d6d0fc611d168473b991d064409bedc
Source Code Exists in Remix Ethereum
Yes I tried the flatten file compiler already.

These generous fellows, on the forum in which I believe you obtained your contract. Have been offering to verify your contract for free. I would take them up on such an offer immediately.
Skyge is a pro, you really missed a trick there :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you would like I can verify your contract for completely free but I need your remix ide source code exactly how your published it for me to do that @Ace_Eleanor