Cannot Verify Smart Contract

Hello! I am trying to verify my BSC Token Smart Contract but I cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. Please help. Also is the contract address the one that you use to input the wallet of the token? Or the actual contract Sign Transfer Address? I believe this is the address to my smart contract that I need to verify for my token. And the photo shows one of the errors.

Contract Address:

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Sorry, I am not familiar with the BSC-Chain, maybe you should ask for help in their forum: Home | Binance Chain Forum

And they have a documentation about how to verify contracts, maybe you can have a look at it:

And you should share your contract code and compiler version.

It is verified.

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I am not able to update my profile info on bscscan thats what I am trying to do. When I try it says that I need to verify the contract ownership. How do I do this?

Did you verify the contract or did someone else?

This is what I am trying to do and it won’t let me because it shows the last error I posted

Your contract is already verified.

Copy and paste the code from here when you go to Verify your Ownership.

Are you using the right account? If you are not the deployer then I’m not sure you can.

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Okay I am not the developer it was cointools. So I contacted them. I need to get access to the account that they used to verify it or else I cant change my token info or upload a photo.

This is what I have been trying to do the last photo was not accurate. So this is already done by the developer?

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You need to be the deployer in order to be the verified owner. Otherwise anyone could try to take authorship of contracts if they have the code.

Contact your deployer and work with them to get the details on the contract.

Hi could you help me? I added you on discord but it’s pretty urgent. I have the same problem and i know it’s a lot to ask but could you please verify my contract? This is the hash: 0x00afb2e9d3b0f8033eb206e42b21a4ce91a5cf52

I verified it.

Please use test nets first. Build your code on the test net, make sure you can verify things and go from there.

Setting up your dev environment is just as important as being able to write code.

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Hello, I am in the same situation as you. I created my token using the Cointool website. Did you ever find a solution for verifying ownership on bscscan?

I’m also having issues with people not being able to sell our token without being whitelisted, which bypasses our tokenomics. Also, I have yet to receive any BNB from the 2.6 BNB we’ve raise on IDO with Anyone else have experience with

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Sorry, I am not familiar with the, and what is your contract address?

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IDO: 0xB3D2C48AFd0812fcbace597C2FB03aa60aa55Af8


I pulled the tokens from the IDO contract until I know we can actually get our bnb