Need some explanation about this

I just want your thoughts about this , I want to create a marketplace where users can buy real life items something like an ecommerce but in web3 but the thing that i want to understand , that i have an erc20 token that i let the user stake his tokens to get a different reward token , the logic behind this that when the user for example buy a t-shirt for 100 tokens , i want to burn them and do a gasless transaction to burn the token and do an order , my question is where do i need to store that gasless transaction do i need to implement that logic inside the reward token or the marketplace ? please some explanation will help me understand the logic behind this.

Dear, @diana
I have read your posting.
There is a way to implement gasless transaction.
For user, it needs deposit address as smart contract.
This smart contract will be controlled by owner.
I think this is the best way to implement your requirement.
Hope this will help you.

thank you @warrior_dragon for your reply , did i understand that correctly that i need to create another contract that has that functionality for the user to use and when the user call this function it will trigger the gasless transaction with the function i want to call inside the gasless function for example the burn function, am i correct ?

I think you got something wrong.
Burn function is not gasless transactrion. mean like......EVERY other swap site on Web 3? The second half???? Maybe