Need solidity developer for "unofficial audit"

I need someone to just go through the code i wrote and check if everything is correct. The code is not "mission critical" - even if there was a bug, there would likely be no loss of funds. But would be good to know if everything is working as it should be.

Where could i find someone for the job?

Hi there,

i would gladly assist you with this.
I recently did a similair audit for a token on the ETH chain (5 million marketcap in 3 days).

if you are interested, you can contact me through:

Telegram: @Tray_Crypto

Still need this done if anyone is interested

Heya, i can do this for you if you want. I usually charge per hour so if the contract is relatively simple it won't be expensive. Contact me on discord Nova#5147 or here in DM :slight_smile: