Need help for creating contract with top up and withdraw in both USDT and BUSD

But inside the contract, there must be its own universal currency equal to 1 usdt or busd. And the contract itself must distribute replenishment funds between some participants in the contract, that is it's not a just token, but it's an independent contract with its own logic.

By the way, deposits and withdrawals must be fixed amounts.

I understand correctly?...

I should create a smart contract that implements an erc20 token standard with my own currency. Then create four methods: depositUSDT(), withdrawUSDT(), depositBUSD(), withdrawBUSD().

With that method, I should make exchange USDT or BUSD to my own token with fixed-rate 1:1.

I need your help to understand technology to realize it. Maybe you can give me some similar examples.

Thank you in advance!

Please, answer me - it's possible or impossible? Is anyone here?

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yes it is possible, but giving you an example takes time and I don't think someone will do it for you

Thanks for the answer! I don't need an example, I need confirmation that I understood the logic scheme correctly, if not, please correct me. And please give links that I need to read to figure it out.

And one more question: How much will your help cost (for example)?

allow to sell an erc20 token previously deposited 1:1 with the busd and usdt and allow people to withdraw busd and usdt when they deposit the token, that work I would estimate at $200, only the contract without dapp

Thank you very much!
Can you personally complete this task?
If yes - what is the contact method you preferred?
Do you know any examples that are similar to this task or tutorials?

I understood correctly - Before I can sell my own tokens for USDT/BUSD, do I need to deposit the equivalent amount to someplace?
If so, please suggest reading something on this topic too.

I don't know examples or tutorials, but I have the experience to make that contract

what i suggest looking for is how to accept erc20 tokens in a contract and learn how to send them

I figured out the solution to my issue. Thank you very much!

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you can mark the problem as solved