My Coding Journey: Dickens

It all started through my fascination of blockchain with a keen eye on security of the technology. A quick search and you find out you need to know solidity programming language. I searched for good platforms to learn and quickly got introduced to CryptoZombies. It is an amazing platform. Through my studies there I came across Open-Zeppelin and what they have done and are doing to the community with libraries to ensure the technology is more secured which is where I wanted to end up. I dived into Open-Zeppelin and met a blog about how 100DaysOfCode turned into obsession. It was inspiring. I immediately started my #100DaysOfCode with a focus on solidity and blockchain technology at large. I know I haven’t reached the pro status but I know I got this. I am continuously continuing to learn and hope one day I will be able to give back to the community.
Thank you.

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Hi @Dickens,

Thanks for sharing :pray:.

I think posting your journey is great to show your progress and to inspire others in the community.
Answering questions and writing up what you learn is a great way to learn too. I moved your post to it’s own topic so that you can share if you like. Feel free to change the topic title.

You can see other community members coding journies:

If you haven’t already, I suggest having a play with Ethernaut:

Contributing to open source is a great way to learn. It can start as small as fixing a typo.

I look forward to following your progress. Ask (and answer) all the questions that you need.