Multiple Keep3r Network Transaction failures

Hello, I am noob here trying to setup Keep3r Network on Defender.

  1. My first 2 transactions went in with no issues but shows 0 work done and no rewards were allocated
  2. The next 11 rewards just failed in a row.
    Can any one help me with how can I counter failed transactions and the reason for missing rewards and first transaction and .



Hi @Anything,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Looking at your transactions, it appears that you were unfortunately beaten to the work by other keepers.


Keep in mind that sending the transaction does not automatically mean you will get rewarded for it: other Keepers may also be monitoring the job for work, and if their transaction gets mined before yours, you will not get the reward!

If we take the following transaction:

This failed: Fail with error ‘UniswapV2Oracle: !work’

The transaction which got the work was in the same block and the same gas price:

There are a number of discussions in the Keep3r network forum about profitability that you may want to follow.

exactly there are too many keepers.

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