Looking for a developer to debug, improve and optimise smart contract

I have a smart contract that operates as an exchange for erc20 tokens, it is essentially an orderbook that allows users to buy and sell erc20 tokens on an orderbook.

I have some smart contracts in a game environment running on a private network using geth and ganache.
Basically, my smart contract is working well.
Howeverthere are some bugs in the contract and its causing EVM errors and OP code errors.
I think the errors are caused by excess gas, rounding problems, or mathematical problems

We have recently had some bugs such as EVM/OPcode errors, i think problems could be infinite loops, gas problems, mathematical errors or rounding.

We need a full review to improve it.

I require:

  1. locate/find and fix bugs in the smart contract
  2. review all code and functions to make it run better
  3. rewrite functions if we need to and then fully test
  4. unit testing to make sure no bugs occur in the future.

I am happy to pay for a high quality service.
Please provide me with your telegram, skype or email address and i will contact you ASAP.


Please post the relevant code, or if too large, then a link to it on GitHub.

Here is the code, but i have made some modifications, but this is the foundation:

pragma solidity ^0.4.21;???

Is this your project, or did you just "copy some stuff from somewhere" hoping that it would work out of the box?

yeah its copied from here

So the answer is yes?
Well, it does kinda do the opposite effect of wanting to help out, since this is not about helping you learn and improve, but rather, it's about just doing the entire work for you.

Yes, that's why im looking to pay a developer for help.

stil looking for developer, if so, lets connect on telegram @hreela to discuss further.



I am interested, If the work is still open please get in touch with me via email or Skype.

Email - seth@cisinlabs.com

Skype - cis.seth

If you are still looking developer, plz DM me via telegram
telegram : @waffler00