Liquidity creation

Please i have some questions which I really want answers to them. Thanks.

  1. Please is it tokens added to liquidity that can only be bought and sold?
    So if I add 20% to liquidity, does it mean that its only the 20% that can be tradable?

  2. If my total supply is 100trillion and I intend to do a genuine project, how many bnb is recommended?

  3. In a 100Trillion total supply, what should be the recommended initial pair of my token to bnb.
    (10t - 1bnb) or ( 5t- 1bnb)

Hi, welcome! :wave:

Yeah, I think the reason people are adding liquidity is because they expect others to buy and sell. And I think there are some reasons for this: one is distributing the tokens to more people and the other one is to earn transaction fees. And if only you add 20%, so only the 20% that can be tradable

It all depends on you.

So does that mean that if I want to set my first liquidity at 10Trillion of my token to 1bnb, I need 20 bnb to added 200Trillion to liquidity?

Yes, you are right. Add 20 bnb and 200Trillion in this scenario.