Issues with Arbitrum One relayer?

Issues with some relayed tx on Arbitrum One.

:computer: Environment
Relayer for Arbitrum

For some specific relayed transactions (0x swaps through a gasless contract of my own), I'm getting some 400 errors from the relayer, that I can't explain, with this status message:
Transaction rejected by aggregator: gas required exceeds allowance (1613783)

To make this clear, I've increased A LOT the gas limit as I need some kind of gas buffer over the 0x swap quote. Usually 400k gwei is more than enough on Polygon.
For Arbitrum, I tried multiples values (600k, 800k, 1M and even 1.5M like the above error message).

I'm using exactly the same code for both Polygon & Arbitrum. It works fine on Polygon but doesn't on Arbitrum and I really can't understand why.

Also for completeness, I am able to relay other kind of transactions without much issues.

:1234: Code to reproduce
Not easy to give something reproduceable.
My relayer ID is c776956b-cfb3-4a2b-b2e4-4377bd8b2bea if that helps.

Not 100% sure but it may be caused by 0x on Arbitrum.
Still interested in feedback, and how to confirm this eventually.

Hi @wrap-that-potassium

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Can you double check settings of those two relayers?

For example I see there is a difference in gasPriceCap policy value.
Arbitrum relayer uses lower value.

Beside that there is difference in one entry for whitelisted addresses.



gasPriceCap is different between Polygon & Arb, on purpose.
Arb is usually at 0.1 Gwei. I've given a ten times markup here.

Wrt to the different addresses for one of the contracts between Polygon and Arb relayers, the setup is fine. Same contract code, just different addresses on each network.

So I'm still intrigued by those gas required exceeds allowance error and how to get more details about them.

We're also getting this error from the API, but when using 10x more gas limit it goes through, even though on the chain only half is used :thinking:

Transaction rejected by aggregator: gas required exceeds allowance (xxxxxxx)

One example is this TX: