Is Audit needed for OpenZeppelin's Wizard Template?


If we created ERC20 using OpenZeppelin's Contracts Wizard template and published in remix on mainnet with only change in wizards as token name, symbol and units and burnable... do we still need to get Audit ? if yes, since we hv not injected any of our own code I'm sure it will faster audit and less fee. Any thoughts how to approach ?



Openzeppelin contracts are tested/proven to be secured but THINGS DO CHANGE and these contracts are no exception.

AA Imran, Thx for your response. I'm new here, if you use OpenZeppelin Wizard to create token in remix and once it created, where can I save that code or it will be on blockchain.. atleast on testnet I'm not sure.
Since on OpenZeppelin Audit review form they asking for GitHub for code review, but in my case I'll be using Wizard so where the heck that code will reside ? I'm not writing or modifying any single line of code. My purpose would be to just create token with burn option thats it. Any one ?

Remix is an online IDE (unless you're using the local app variant). Ideally, it should be used for rapid prototyping and tests but not for any serious blockchain development. You should check out tools like truffle or hardhat.

To answer your question, you can copy the codes generated by the wizard, paste it in a Remix editor tab. It only gets to the blockchain once you compile and deploy it.

I'll suggest you read introductory blockchain texts before attempting to use Openzeppelin contracts. You need to understand the basics first.

Excellent reply... Thx you so much. Will do needed.

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I was going thru some articles I found that you dont need truffle or hardhat, you can still deploy to mainnet using MetaMask and Remix.