OpenZeppelin Contracts audit status

Good day,

I want to create a token using the OpenZeppelin ERC20 contract. I've installed the newest version of openzeppelin-contracts and wanted to see if this latest version has been audited. In the repo the latest audit I can find is from 2018 (

My question is: Are the newer versions of OpenZeppelin contracts audited? Or should I use the old versions that are audited if I want to assure users that all the code is audited?

Thank you

Newer versions of OpenZeppelin Contracts go through our internal review process but not necessarily through formal external audits.

The code is currently undergoing an audit by Certora.

Newer contracts necessarily are less battle tested and have more risk.

In order to assure your users that all the code is audited, you will likely need to hire an audit for your codebase.

Thank you for the info!