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names padawan, in here anyway! I stumbled upon this place after finding a smart contract that front runs peoples trades on the ethereum network and wanted to find out more about it. So after googling because metacrawler is a thing of the past i landed here. This is a steep learning curve for me but it is what has brought me somehow to this place. About me, if i am not working i am exploring crypto land.
Im from australia.

I have the code compiled and decompiled, and am just chasing some insight on it as i have zero knowledge in solidity/vyper (whatever the language this contract has been made in). I am here because i would like to find a way to trick the bots into making trades they shouldn’t be doing and to learn how it works as it fascinates me.

Why? To make me profit on trades and to shut down these bots taking advantage of people. Lets be straight though its more about making profit so i can spend more time in the crypto space which i enjoy and less time in the 9-5 job that i and a lot of other people would rather not be in! :slight_smile:



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Hi @padawan,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I am in Australia too :australia: :kangaroo:, living in Melbourne, :mask: :cold_face:.

My knowledge of front running is limited to what I have learnt from videos by @Austin-Williams.

If you haven’t already, I suggest looking at Introduction to Backrunning

Front running ~ messing with civilians
Back running ~ playing with other sharks

Please ask all the questions that you need. Feel free to share some of the code that you have been unpacking. Happy to help where I can.

OpenZeppelin is hiring.
We are looking for a full stack developer, if that is your area of expertise:

Hi there mate,

Yeh tough game in Melbourne at the moment! Stay safe! Im up in brisvegas so have the nsw barrier :stuck_out_tongue:

More than happy to post the code, i will make a new topic rather than bombarding the introduction thread.

Cheers for the warm welcome.

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Hey there,
I am Dickens Otieno, a blockchain enthusiast. I heard about Openzeppelin through CryptoZombies while learning solidity. I was fascinated by what this awesome community has done and is continuing to do. I immediately became a fan and started following everything about Openzeppelin. Its also important to point out that I derived my solidity learning technique in this platform. I am happy to be here guys.

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Hi @Dickens,

Welcome to the community forum :wave:
Great to have you here.

I went down the rabbit hole in early 2017. I learnt a lot about smart contract security by reading OpenZeppelin audits:
I learnt how to test smart contracts by looking through the OpenZeppelin Contracts repository:
I recommend looking through our documentation and trying out various contracts from OpenZeppelin Contracts:
An easy way to do this is to use the presets: Create an ERC20 using Truffle, Remix, buidler or OpenZeppelin CLI without writing Solidity

You may want to look at entering or the upcoming Solidity Underhanded Contest:

Hey Folks,
I am Hussam Mustafa. I am new to Blockchain. I started learning Blockchain by ready papers and many other things. While working on Solidity, I came to know about Openzeppelin. After starting Openzeppelin my work on Solidity was smooth then some error came and i was unable to resolve them. When i started exploring Openzeppelin. So i joined this community and after joining this the understanding on Openzeppelin is improving

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Hi @hussammustafa,

Thanks for introducing yourself. :pray:

I went through a similar journey that led me to OpenZeppelin.

I recommend reading through the documentation: especially for OpenZeppelin Contracts:

Feedback on the documentation and any other improvements is greatly appreciated.

If you haven’t played with it before, I recommend trying out Ethernaut:

I learnt a lot by reading OpenZeppelin audit reports, so would recommend doing that too:

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need. Nice to have you here.