Introduce yourself here!

Hi @padawan,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I am in Australia too :australia: :kangaroo:, living in Melbourne, :mask: :cold_face:.

My knowledge of front running is limited to what I have learnt from videos by @Austin-Williams.

If you haven't already, I suggest looking at Introduction to Backrunning

Front running ~ messing with civilians
Back running ~ playing with other sharks

Please ask all the questions that you need. Feel free to share some of the code that you have been unpacking. Happy to help where I can.

OpenZeppelin is hiring.
We are looking for a full stack developer, if that is your area of expertise:

Hi there mate,

Yeh tough game in Melbourne at the moment! Stay safe! Im up in brisvegas so have the nsw barrier :stuck_out_tongue:

More than happy to post the code, i will make a new topic rather than bombarding the introduction thread.

Cheers for the warm welcome.

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Hey there,
I am Dickens Otieno, a blockchain enthusiast. I heard about Openzeppelin through CryptoZombies while learning solidity. I was fascinated by what this awesome community has done and is continuing to do. I immediately became a fan and started following everything about Openzeppelin. Its also important to point out that I derived my solidity learning technique in this platform. I am happy to be here guys.

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Hi @Dickens,

Welcome to the community forum :wave:
Great to have you here.

I went down the rabbit hole in early 2017. I learnt a lot about smart contract security by reading OpenZeppelin audits:
I learnt how to test smart contracts by looking through the OpenZeppelin Contracts repository:
I recommend looking through our documentation and trying out various contracts from OpenZeppelin Contracts:
An easy way to do this is to use the presets: Create an ERC20 using Truffle, Remix, buidler or OpenZeppelin CLI without writing Solidity

You may want to look at entering or the upcoming Solidity Underhanded Contest:

Hey Folks,
I am Hussam Mustafa. I am new to Blockchain. I started learning Blockchain by ready papers and many other things. While working on Solidity, I came to know about Openzeppelin. After starting Openzeppelin my work on Solidity was smooth then some error came and i was unable to resolve them. When i started exploring Openzeppelin. So i joined this community and after joining this the understanding on Openzeppelin is improving

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Hi @hussammustafa,

Thanks for introducing yourself. :pray:

I went through a similar journey that led me to OpenZeppelin.

I recommend reading through the documentation: especially for OpenZeppelin Contracts:

Feedback on the documentation and any other improvements is greatly appreciated.

If you haven’t played with it before, I recommend trying out Ethernaut:

I learnt a lot by reading OpenZeppelin audit reports, so would recommend doing that too:

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need. Nice to have you here.

Hello OpenZeppelin community!!

My name is George Carder and I’m excited to join the OpenZeppelin community!

  • “Why are you here?” I’m here so I can make my presence known as a reader of the community content and as of now, a contributor. I’m posting my first article today!
  • “Where are you from?” Currently I live in SF. I’m not from here, but I moved to Silicon Valley to chase my Tech Dreams.
  • “How did you hear about OpenZeppelin?” I’ve been following OpenZeppelin for years. They champion the inquisitive community oriented spirit of the blockchain community. I’m a huge fan!
  • “What do you expect from the community?” I expect to learn through interactions and hopefully make a few contacts that could lead to collaborative explorations.

Thank you for having me.


Welcome George! I hope we learn a lot from each other :slight_smile:


Hi @georgercarder,

Welcome to the community :wave: Great to have you here.

Thanks for posting your first article. I look forward to part two. :smile:

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Hello all! My name is Luis Molina, nomad Argentinean currently living in Budapest. I am the lead developer at, an open source and free platform to automate crypto trading. As of today, Superalgos allows you to download historical market data from any crypto exchange (CEX) to you computer, run as many backtests of your trading strategies for free, and once you are comfortable with your trading system performance, run live trading sessions.

The project features a visual scripting editor to design strategies and manage all system wide settings, plus an integrated charting system that allows you to navigate through large datasets ala Google Maps style. Community members can create their own indicators and plotters to visualize the data, and set up complex data mining & trading operations that scales from a single Raspberry Pi to a a network with any number of computers coordinated to share the workload.

All of that for free and open source! You should try it out.

Currently I am working on integrating Ethereum to the platform, so that it can not only place orders at CEXs but also execute arbitrary methods of smart contracts at the Ethereum blockchain as part of any trading strategy. To get there I will be playing first with the token for the project, allowing people to manage it within the app, and as a consequence, managing other Ethereum tokens as well. Once there I will allow users to execute arbitrary methods of any contracts. Another important part of the same puzzle is to allow users to create sensors that extract data from contracts and turn that data into Indicators that can be plotted for study and consumed by the trading bots. My guess is that with this capabilities users might gain an advantage in relation to traders only looking at price.

I have been in crypto for a while now, but this is the first time I get into smart contracts, so I might need some help so as not to get stuck. At the same time I would like to extend an invitation to all the developers in the community, if they like the project, they are welcome to join me or contribute what you can. Check it out and pay as a visit at our Telegram community!.

Well, that’s pretty much all. Happy to be here.


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Hello, my name is Gabriel Gutiérrez, my friends nickname me Gabo, I am from Mexico City and I am an independent developer in the area of databases and administrative systems. I am the developer of the ERP forseti project (, an ERP GPL Affero for Mexican SMEs and I am venturing into the development of wallets for some cryptocurrencies and the development of smart contracts to support some functions such as tokenization of products for its ecosystem. I am really new to smart contracts development, but I am very happy to be a part of this community that from what I have seen, it is the perfect place to start my project.

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Hi @Luis-Fernando-Molina,

Thanks for the introduction :pray:

We have a few nomadic Argentinean’s on the team at OpenZeppelin.
I have only spent a few days in Budapest, it is a beautiful city.
I am in Melbourne Australia, so looking forward to warm weather and getting out of lockdown.

I just had a quick read through the master plan:

Welcome to the world of smart contracts.

When managing other ERC20 tokens you may want to use:

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need.

Hi @gabo,

Thanks for the introduction. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to smart contract development.

The OpenZeppelin Contracts documentation will be very handy in your journey:

I think Ethernaut is a fun way to learn about smart contract security:

You could also check out:

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need.

Thank you Martiay for allowing me to join, I am new wanting to get help on writing 3 small Smart Contracts with a Web3.js interface. Where would I start? First my coding is newbie based shakey at best needing practice. What are your thoughts or feedback info would you give?

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Hi @joeblyth2020,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I recommend going through the Learn guides:

Remix is great to quickly experiment with. Whilst I recommend using Truffle or Buidler for development, test and deploy.

Everyone was new once. Recommendations for new developers

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need.

Hi guys,

I am a fullstack dev fresh out of bootcamp and i’ve been studying solidity for about a month or so now. I have interest in blockchain for some years now, and that is what pushed me to go back to school and learn to code.

I have interest in erc20 and erc721 to create interesting finance projects. I have managed to launch my own erc20 token, that makes use of NFTs by offering them as incentive to hold my token. I am having fun and cannot wait to learn more about new ways I can create. thank you

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Hi @gawdi0us,

Welcome to the community :wave:

What was your bootcamp? Was it specific to blockchain or general development?

Well done on launching a project already.

What development stack are you using?

It would be great to get your input on what building blocks could be standardized: [Question] What are the building blocks of DeFi?

You would be welcome to share your coding journey with the community:

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need. Answering questions in the forum is also a great way to learn.

Hi there … CryptoBond here. Trying to learn how to use OpenZeppelin with out needing much coding. One of my colleagues refered this as he believes OpenZeppelin is the best place to use ready-to-use ethereum smart contracts with out need for much coding.

So i am exploring how to use OpenZeppelin.

To start with, can you please share a sample code to Create an ERC20 token, out of which 10% team tokens need to be locked for say 1 yr and 10% marketing tokens need to be locked for 1 month and remaining 80% tokns need to be transferred to the creator of the token address.

After the end of the lock period the tokens should be automatically transferred to the address of the creator of the token. Is this posisble with OpenZeppelin?

If this is not posisble with single piece of code and multiple steps would help in achieving this, I believe a “how-to” youtube video will help a lot of people who are looking to launch projects on ethereum.

Also please share any info, how to compile and run the code. Does remix.ethereum work?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @CryptoBond_007,

Welcome to the community :wave:

To experiment with deploying a token you could use the following: Create an ERC20 using Remix, without writing Solidity

I recommend reading Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777)

For a solution with value, I would suggest using Truffle or Hardhat, so that you can appropriately test.

You could create an ERC20 token with fixed supply (rather than a mintable token) and then transfer the required token amounts to the appropriate addresses.
Example of a simple token: Deploy a simple ERC20 token in Remix

For locking tokens you could use:

Whilst there isn’t a lot of coding, you may want some help from a developer. You can always ask the community: