Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone! My name is Amelia, I’m from Spain. I’ve been working with smart contracts and blockchain, and now I’m discovering upgradeable smart contracts. Exited to be here and to learn from you!


Hi @ameliafb,

Welcome to the community :wave:
I am in Melbourne Australia. :kangaroo: :australia:

If you haven’t already, I recommend trying out upgrading via OpenZeppelin Defender (Defender is free to sign up).

Would you mind sharing what you are building?

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hey everyone! My names Joey Iny & I’ve been working as a music producer for some time now. I’ve been aware of blockchain and NFT since 2017 (cryptokitties!) but for some reason this year it just clicked. I’m working on a music NFT project with PVLACE from 808 mafia and I’m super excited to launch it and get it off the ground.

Also excited to get to know you all, looks like an awesome community

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Hi @joey,

Welcome to the community :wave: and thanks for introducing yourself :pray:.

Good luck for your music NFT project. Much of the focus has been on static and now dynamic images. It will be great to see other media using NFTs. Also on getting wallet support for other media.

Are you creating NFTs on existing marketplaces or creating your own marketplace?

we’re creating our own kind of baby marketplace but it will be compatible with OpenSea

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Hi everyone!

Glad to be here. I have been super curious as to how to get started. What are the forum’s recommended Tutorials for an absolute beginner. I have used ETH, but never as a dev.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @blocklocc_run,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I recommend starting with the Contracts Wizard and creating and deploying ERC20 and ERC721 tokens locally using Remix:

From there you can follow the OpenZeppelin Learn guides:

Also see the Solidity learning resources

Hello Everyone,

I am Balaji Shetty Pachai.

  • I am here to contribute to openzeppelin-contracts repository. Since, it is hard to find which issue to work on in the repository itself, thus, here to get started with the issues directly, as Frangio, Nventuro or Abcoauthap already knows the priority of which issues to address.
  • I am from India
  • I am following openzeppelin from 2017, right from when require statements had no reason string to now
  • All round development into smart-contracts, here to learn about auditing smart contracts too, this is what I expect from the community here.

Let’s get started. @nventuro @frangio Hi to everyone, it’s been a long time, feels great to be back again


Welcome back @iambatman!

The issues the team has been prioritizing lately are of rather high complexity so I wouldn’t be sure what to recommend that you could tackle at this moment.

I will say that a place where community members can add a lot of value is in helping out other people here in the forum, writing guides or other kind of content, and identifying features that would make good additions to the library and reporting them in the repository issues. If there is a good proposal for a feature it would be a good candidate for a PR.


Hello everyone,

I am Nasir, from the world’s youngest nation, South Sudan, Africa. I’m a civil engineer by trade with 5 years of experience. I left civil engineering last year to pursue blockchain full time. I want to introduce crypto to my home country and help increase adoption there. I recently heard about OpenZeppelin from “Gregory” (Dapp University - a youtube channel) and I decided to become follower.

I want to create a payment system (Dapp & Mobile Wallet App) that millions of South Sudanese can use on daily basis. The Mobile Wallet App can be used to send, receive, deposit and withdraw funds, save, invest in crypto to hedge against high inflation, maintain or even gain purchasing power. The Mobile App will serve as a bank account as millions in that region are unbanked or underbanked. This project will introduce them into blockchain and crypto and help them participate in the local and global financial services and economy. I’ve written a brief “White-paper” explaining this project, please let me know if you’re interested in reading it and offer feedback, I’ll gladly share it with you.

I am fairly new to coding, however, I welcome any ideas on how this project can be achieved. My idea is to introduce a dual cryptocurrency, one token that is tradable and the other a stablecoin (South Sudanese Pound (SSPg)) used for paying merchants, buying crypto etc. Also, last but not lease, within the mobile app, it’ll include educational programs about blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial literacy etc.

I am deeply sorry if I wrote more than I should. I’m currently living in the US but will be going back and forth between the two countries soon to setup. Any assistance is truly appreciated, thank you in advanced.

Nasir Nun.

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Hi @iambatman,

Welcome back :wave:

A great place to start is to answer questions in the forum.

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Hi @guerkhor,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Banking the unbanked is a great goal.

Layer 2 solutions will be key to making transactions affordable.

I also suggest looking at: Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777)

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Hello @abcoathup ,

I’m glad to be a part of the community and also grateful for your speedy reply and your feedback. I read the article you suggested several times and I think a fungible ERC777 token is so much more efficient. I will look into writing the code for it. is ERC777 automated on OpenZeppelin/contracts or should I write code?

I am looking for advisors and developers to make and bring this project to life. I don’t want to be the only one working on this project, it’s too big for one person. where should I start or get assistance? because i need lots of help on the following:

  1. Tradable ERC777 governance token (I can do this)
  2. ERC777 Stable coin pegged to local currency (I can do this)
  3. Mobile Wallet App (OS & Android) (need help)
  4. Dapp back and frontend (functions like DeFi) (need help)
  5. Onramp solution that connects the user’s bank accounts to the App (western world only) (need help)
  6. Integrate Layer 2 Solutions (need help)
  7. Open to any new ideas on how to improve the project. I have a draft white-paper written for anyone interested.

I think these are the main points on the roadmap that needs to be done before further growth. South Sudan is an upcoming nation that poses a huge potential for crypto adaption

This project will take time, I project 1-3 years timeframe for completion (could be less).

I can’t wait to for your response and I truly appreciate your help @abcoathup :smile:

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Hi @guerkhor,

You can try posting for Developer Wanted in the forum:

You should also try other Ethereum developer communities such as ETH Global Discord and Crypto Devs.

You may want to look at other stable coin projects, including those operating in Africa, to see if you could partner with them.

Could you use an existing stable coin, see Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777)

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Hi my name is Karsten from Jamaica, been in crypto and blockchain for over 7+ years. I run a small price index called Caricoin, and I am a certified Blockchain Architect

I am big on VR and have a opensource project called Jahshaka, as a part of which I have been creating 3D art under the Soulbank brand and am here to figure out how to launch my own token that can be used as both a cryptocurrency and to mint NFT’s via the new ERC 1155 standard using OpenZeppelin smart contracts

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Hey everybody!

Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Morgan and I have been lurking for a while but decided I wanted to become an active member in the community. I have been drawn here by trying to develop my own NFT project and am looking to take this adventure with you all!

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Hi @soulbank,

Welcome to the community :wave:

The Contracts Wizard is a good place to start for tokens. We don’t currently generate ERC1155, though plan to add it.

You can also look at the older example: Create an ERC1155

Hi @NFTtheMan,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I recommend checking out the Contracts Wizard.
I recently created an NFT using it.

You can also check out the older guide: Create an NFT and deploy to a public testnet, using Truffle

Can you share more details on your NFT project?

You are welcome to share your journey too:

Ok. thank you dearly. I’ve reached out to ETH Global and will be contacting Crypto Devs shortly.

I will look into other stable coin projects operating in Africa and hopefully I can find some. it would be fantastic partnering with them.

I thought about using an existing stable coin however, they use local currency for payments which would need to be exchanged to USD or vise versa. Still it is an option on the table that i can use for my project.

thanks once again for your assistance.

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