Introduce yourself here!

I want to be a coder on smart contract though I am not good at coding.
But I will spend more times on learnning it.

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Hi @kate_king,

Deploying to public testnets is a great start! :rocket:

Exactly,I am thinking about building something specific indeed,how about making an erc721 token for artworks?

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Hi @kate_king,

An ERC721 for artwork is great.

Inheriting from the OpenZeppelin implementation and using marketplaces like OpenSea make creating an ERC721 for artwork reasonably straight forward.

You can see my favorite collectible (ERC721):

I am very interesting in blockchain games like cryptokitties,so I am also have a plan building a new game by myself.I hope I can do it ASAP.

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Welcome @hibro to the community. :wave:

I look forward to hearing more about your game.

You may want to look at the Gas Station Network for user onboarding. The GSN Starter Kit is a great place to start experimenting:

For testing, I recommend looking at OpenZeppelin Test Environment: Blazing Fast Contracts Testing

Hi all

My name is Ilan
Leading smart contract development for Kyber Network.
I really love block chains and its potential for improving the world.
Came here to learn more about smart contracts, coding, testing environments, and do better smart contract coding.


Hi @ilanD,

Welcome to the community and thank you for introducing yourself here. :wave:
I am the Community Manager for OpenZeppelin based in Melbourne Australia. :kangaroo::australia:
The OpenZeppelin team is spread around the world.

The guide Test smart contracts like a rockstar is a great overview of all things testing (OpenZeppelin Test Environment is being added to the guide too), though I assume you are aware/using these already.

I know that you are already looking at Blazing Fast Contracts Testing and OpenZeppelin Test Helpers 0.5.

The community forum is great for discussing smart contract and dapp development. I hope you can share some of the things that you are working on and your knowledge with the community.

Thanks again.

Hello fellow smart contract enthusiasts:

My name is Bradley Layton and I found myself here via prior work on an engineering blockchain project that is currently in limbo. After speaking with my pal Matt Cutler and his colleagues at BlockNative, it appears as if OpenZeppelin may be the best place to be in terms of providing support as well as code that could become part of a new standard.

My goal is to become a proficient enough programmer so that I can author my own code to run on on the Ethereum protocol and establish an engineering blockchain that becomes an ASME / IEEE / NIST / Federal Reserve standard.

FYI, I have seen others go to prison in MI and MT for abusing cryptocurrency. These are people I either know personally, or who are colleagues of people I know personally.

I also attended the inaugural meeting of the Energy Blockchain Consortium where I met some fairly accomplished and talented old-school programmers. I’m not a very talented programmer myself, but understand code fairly well, having taught myself languages such as html, sh, bash, csh, sed, awk, grep, C, MATLAB, Mathematica, Fortran, Pascal, BASIC, etc.

Now I need your help in getting a smart contract up and running on a small cluster of computers that I want to run as servers before testing with a broader network.

Looking forward to good things!


Hi @BradleyLaytonPhDPE,

Welcome to the community :wave:

The Learn guides are a great place to start your Solidity journey. You can use the OpenZeppelin CLI to deploy contracts to a local blockchain (ganache-cli):

Have a read through some community recommendations: What are your top three recommendations for a new developer in the space?

To learn about smart contract security (this is how I started):

Any solution that you develop should be appropriately tested and audited. As well as seeking appropriate regulatory guidance.

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need. Also answering questions on the Community Forum is a great way to learn too.

Hello, my name is Luis Egea. I’m new to smart contract development, and am hoping to gain more knowledge on this topic and much more from the community. I also hope I’ll be able to contribute as I’ve been studying blockchain for a couple years, but am relatively new to blockchain development.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I heard about OpenZeppelin from a Dapp University coding tutorial video last year. I’m 100% committed to carving a career path for myself in this industry. I believe contributing to this community will help me gain valuable insight and experience to achieve that goal. More specifically, I’d like to level up my smart contract development skills.

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Hi @Jshanks21,

Welcome to the community.

The Learn guides are a great place to start your Solidity journey:

I suggest reading through some community recommendations and would be great to add your own: What are your top three recommendations for a new developer in the space?

I find answering questions a great way to learn. Feel free to answer questions in the forum.

Also trying out release candidates is great to learn:
An example is OpenZeppelin CLI 2.8: Release Candidate

Another great way to learn is to contribute to open source.
An example is

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need.

Thank you. I’ve been reading through the learn guide while writing my crowdsale smart contract. It’s been very helpful.

I’ll try to think of some recommendations while reading through it! Thanks for the help!

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If you have any feedback on the documentation let me know.

As an FYI, Crowdsales aren’t being migrated to OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.0 (using Solidity 0.6).
They are in OpenZeppelin Contracts 2.5 (using Solidity 0.5).

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Hello @OpenZeppelinTeam & Members,

My name is Michael from NY, USA. I’m here to further learn about Solidity and grow my knowledge to bring me to a complete project and launching a Dapp & Token. My path on Solidity started by taking the #100DaysOfCode Challenge on Twitter. I’m on Day41. I was invited on the forum from a comment on my twitter page I heard about OpenZeppelin while looking for a new tutorial after completing a Udemy Course on Udemy. I’m expecting a welcoming group of people with a common mindset capabile of helping me and others to grow in their coding journey.

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Hi @Proteu5,

Welcome to the community Michael :wave:

I am in Melbourne :australia:

You would be very welcome to share your journey in a topic in the forum (I wish I had a record of my early days to look back on), see @Jshanks21 My Coding Journey: Beginner to Pro

I recommend checking out the OpenZeppelin Learn guides:

OpenZeppelin CLI 2.8 supports deploying regular contracts and the interactive CLI makes calling and sending transactions to contracts easy.

Also worth having a play with Ethernaut (smart contract security hacking game):

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need.

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Thank you so much, I will make use of those resources. Thanks for the welcome.

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I’m a game developer, and I’m looking forward integrating ethereum with my games. I’m from Venezuela. I heard from OpenZeppelin from the guys at Ivan On Tech. Cheers!

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Hi @pmk,

Welcome to the community :wave:

Great to hear that you are looking to integrate Ethereum into your games. I am a huge fan of true digital ownership of digital assets using blockchain. A game first approach is a really good way to tackle this. The challenges are cost and speed of transactions, and abstracting the blockchain for users (but providing easy transparent access to blockchain information). In my previous life I worked on a blockchain gaming project.

Was it from a blog post or a video from Ivan on Tech that you heard about OpenZeppelin? (I did a quick search to see if I could find it).

I suggest having a look at the upcoming release of OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.0. The latest release candidate is: OpenZeppelin Contracts v3.0 final release candidate This has improvements for ERC721 such as automatic token URI.

You can also follow Michael and Luis on their Coding Journeys (or even share your own coding journey):

Thanks for all the info.

Ivan on Tech has a blockchain developer course, and has an ethereum section, where they deploy a token, integrate it with a game (they use Phaser, I’m trying to make it work with Construct 3), and that’s where I heard about you.

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