Interacting with UUPS Proxies via Etherscan

We decided to use the UUPS proxy for our contracts, because of hardhat-deploy issues, we used a modified OZ proxy contract:

contract UUPSProxy is ERC1967Proxy {
        address _logic,
        address, // This is completely unused by the uups proxy, required to remain compatible with hardhat deploy:
        bytes memory _data
    ) payable ERC1967Proxy(_logic, _data) {}

Unfortunately, it seems it's not possible to interact with the contract via etherscan/polygonscan:

Does someone from this community know, if this due to general lack of support of Etherscan for UUPS or is the related to the compiler version and or the "custom" ERC1967Proxy?

Other relevant info:

solc version: 0.8.4+commit.c7e474f2"
optimizer runs: 20000
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It depends on more than these

Could you elaborate? :slight_smile:

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