Installing OpenZeppelin SDK on Windows - Use git bash

Wanted to make this topic because I didn't see it on the docs, if anyone is trying to install openzeppelin SDK on Windows and are experiencing issues with the npm install complaining about the rf command, install it through git bash. Worked for me then. I also had to unbox the tutorial in git bash as well as a heads up. Not sure if there is an easier way, but this was bugging me for awhile before I remembered git bash.

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Hi @pantsme

Do you run direct on Windows too, I thought you used Windows Subsystem for Linux?

I switched to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and haven’t looked back. I am looking forward to WSL2.

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Yep same here. Sorry I went awol on these forums for a bit but am back! Windows Terminal + WSL is my new love and I do have to say it is really nice. Also being able to load up VSCode in WSL mimicking a complete Linux dev environment is straight <3

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Hi @pantsme,

Nice to see you back.

Thanks for the tip on git bash. I got out a dusty Windows laptop as was trying to reproduce an issue installing on Windows and that solved the problem.

I just added a hat tip to you in: Solidity Smart Contract development on Windows

Have you tried WSL2 yet? I was waiting for a non-Insiders release, though wondering if it is ready to change to.

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Oh yea, WSL2 is completely stable. You have to install an Insiders release of Windows IIRC but WSL2 is just fine. Thanks for the tip btw!

Another benefit of going WSL2 is the Docker and Kubernetes support you get from the upgrade. Allows you to run all the fun little k8s utilities that the Bay Area only releases for Linux/MacOS. Still don’t understand that since golang can just compile the Windows binary along with the others but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Using Docker on WSL can be done but it is a pain.

Sounds like I should give WSL2 a go.

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