Implementing a burn mechanism after contract deployment

Hi to all

I'm looking to launch a project that i have been thinking about for some years, and i now want to go ahead with it.
I need to raise some funds for it and will need a pre sale first to further develop down the line.
So i wanted to create a simple smart contract for a BEP20 token sale, that at later stage will be used for utility on an app and at the same time having a burn mechanisms with in the app.
My question now is, is the burning mechanism needed to be implemented now in the smart contract? Or can the burning mechanism be implemented in the app and still keep track of the amounts burned independently from the contract?
any help on this is much apreciated. thank you/

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its better if you have burn function in contract instead of app.

So in this case wound't be better to create a smart contract with a proxy pattern (uups) to at latter stage introduce the burning mechanisms?

you may go with that method.

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thank you for your help :pray:

Just in case you also weren't aware, OZ has a really good resource for drafting these types of smart contracts as well: