Burn function included by mistake. Any way to migrate or stop burn function?

Hello Guys,

An ERC20 token was created and the public burn function was included by mistake. Here is the code:

pragma solidity ^0.8.2;

contract CNTO_TOKEN is ERC20 {
    constructor() ERC20('Token', 'TKN') {
        _mint(msg.sender, 10000000000000000000000000);

    function burn(address _account, uint256 _amount) public {
    	_burn(_account, _amount);


I realised that anyone can burn tokens by just passing some other wallet address which contains the token and the amount to burn.

Is there anyway to migrate this ERC20 smart contract or anyway possible to block the burn function (I know this is not possible, but trying to explorer options.


Is this already deployed?

Yup, its already deployed.

Then you're toast!

Ho! Man!! Amazingly stupid mistake.

Just deploy a new one; It's not like this token has any real market value.

Ya ya, thats the only way.