If in reflection tokens everyone's balance in a formula, then how is it deducted when the tokens are transferred

In reference to what another user told me

Simplified example
User A buys 10 tokens.
Current Reflection multiplier = 1.0
getBalance(user A) equals 10 * 1.0 = 10
Something happens which increases the reflection multiplier to 1.1
getBalance(user A) equals 10 * 1.1 = 11 The users balance changes without any transfer transactions
having to be done.

What I'm trying to understand is if everyone's balance is a formula instead of being a fixed value then how would this work if someone sends some of their tokens out

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What do you mean with this?

Let's say someone's balance formula is 10 * 5 = 50 and they send out 50 tokens how would that even be deducted from the formula

Just like the explanation you shared above, the user balance is dynamic, maybe the final balance is equal to raw balance * exchange rate, so maybe when you transfer token, it will charge fee or something else, I do not read the code, so I am not sure.

It's alright man. the intention to help counts too. thank you :heart_decoration::blush: @Skyge

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