Burn and reflection not applied after transactions

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i created token smart contract 0.6.12
and i set 4% marketing
6 % reflection to all holders
i did some buys from other wallets not the owner .. and did not see and reflections at holders wallets or burn address
, is there any thing to.?

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hey @ALnomily ,
from the code I see that reflections happened. You won't see any tramnsaction for reflection but only balances changes. To check use bscscan because metamask won't show the whole balance so is not so accurate. Take a screenshot of a user balance before a transfer, then make the transfer and compare the new balance of this user.
Also for marketing fee, you must reach minimumTokensBeforeSwap threshold in contract balance.

Thanks , yeah you are right it works ,
one more thing there is 4% to marketing address , i noticed only works in sell not buy , what i should change to charge fee to marketing address in both buy and sell not just sell

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The fee is always charged but the swaps can happens only during sells or transfer, not buy