I need to Hire freelancer to make a person to person smart contract escrow

Hello, I need to find someone to make a high quality smart contract escrow system for sales between 2 users. Someone sells a item and the money goes into suspension in a smart contract. After 20 days or when the (buyer)user releases the escrow; the crypto stays in the contract until that point.
We need this done for hopefully all of the following crypto:

Polygon (not matic, polygon)

Please contact me !!


I can create highly secure escrow contract, also can build a dapp for it. If you still looking for a developer, please let me know or connect at telegram @hreela


I can assist you, please reach me at seth@cisinlabs.com or ping me on Skype – cis.seth

doable for a reasonable price, ping me at @inmarelibero on Telegram

This is a full-stack developer, David from Poland.

This is my Github profile.
I have read your job posting.
I can help you with in a few hours.
I have built similar smart contract what you want.
If possible, hope to discuss via Telegram or Discord.
Telegram: @DesarrollaorTalentosa
Discord: david_3562
Hope your good reply.