I need help with creating an ERC20 token using the wizard (3 questions)


I want to create a ERC20 Meme token, no minting, ownership renounced. Basically it has to be as clean as possible so those automated audits like GoPlus, Quick Intel and Tokensniffer don't flag us with issues.

I have the following questions:

  1. i want to renounce ownership of the contract, is this done by unchecking the 'Ownable' button? Or do I need to check the 'Ownable' button, then manually add commands to renounce ownership? If so, what commands? how do I execute this?

  2. I want to add a token icon (PNG image) to the contract, how do I do this?

  3. I want to add basic information about the token so it shows on websites that use metadata, like the URL, twitter and telegram links + short description of the token/meme. How to do this?

Any help would be highly appreciated!