I launched a token contract on ETH today but can't verify. HELP?

Hi, today we we're supposed to launch our token but couldn't because we were not able to verify the contract. I don't know what happened, if the dev hit a key on his keyboard after deploying and changed something in the contract so it wouldn't verify. Could someone help? I have a .rar file with all the .sol files needed to verify. Thanks

I am not sure about your code now because you didn't share your code .
If you are struggling to publish your code after you deployed compiled byte code , please use flatten to combine all your contract files.

Hi, maybe you can have a look at this tutorial:

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I have the code on remix, even redeployed on testnet and wouldn't verify. How could I show you the code? Sorry I'm not the best with this. Hoping to launch on uniswap in 2 hours, could talk on telegram?

you can share the source code at here.

redeployed, got it

thanks for your help