I have a token with 2% Marketing Fee, 2% Lp Fee, and 1% Fee to all Holders, but somehow only the LP Fee works

Hey community,

I created a BSC Token and wanted to get 2% Marketing Fee from every transaction. Unfortunately i only got LP Tokens to my owner wallet transferred and don't know how to change it to let it be distributed in form of BNB. The Marketing wallet is not getting any money from now. With the 1% tax to holders, i'm not sure if it just works with a current treshold since there weren't any transaction like that yet. I hope someone can help me to change it to the planned way. Thank you in advance. The contract adress is: 0x123F735fB0f802D908C9E08d506752B09f646B7F

Please share ALL the relevant code and ONLY the relevant code, rather than sending your readers to burrow through 747 lines of code.