I cannot deploy upgrade contract on matic with openzeppelin

I can successfully deploy on eth with the same code,but not on the matic mainnet,

Check that you're using the correct RPC node and that you have matic tokens in your deployer account.

I use the default config,what tokens should i have?

You need matic tokens to deploy on matic.

Thank you,Where can I get tokens ?

If it's on mainnet, you have to buy it. If it's on their testnet https://faucet.matic.network/ but it seems like you're trying to deploy on mainnet.

I have matic tokens,I just cannot deploy upgrade contract,I can deploy normal contract successfully.

@pageone Can you confirm if you can run a non-upgradeable deployment against Matic? Just by using Ethers.js built in deploy.

I can deploy a non-upgradeable,I use truffle

Can you publish this in a repository so that I can try it?

1.truffle migrate --network mumbai -f 1 --to 1
2. truffle migrate --network mumbai -f 2 --to 2

I've found that the cause of the error is that the RPC endpoint is responding with this error, to one of the eth_getStorageAt requests:

  details: 'Internal RPC Error. Try again after some time..',
  code: -32005

The fact that this is not showing as an error in the console could be a problem in our Upgrades Plugin or in Truffle, it's not clear to me at this point.

But the underlying cause is this RPC response. I'll see if I can get any more information...