How to upgrade contracts from an older Openzeppelin-Version

Hi. We have to update a contract, that was deployed in June 2019 with an older Version of openzepplin, when the oz-cli-tool was called zos as an example.

Nowadays, deploying a smart contract will create a hidden directory called .openzeppelin which calls required metadata in files like mainnet.json, ropsten.json and so on containing contract-addresses and other stuff, that is necessary in order to update contracts later (at least this is my current understanding)

But in our older installation folder we could not find such a directory .openzepplin, instead, we find files like zos.mainnet.json and zos.ropsten.json

Are these files equlivalent to each other and have been just renamed recently? Can we use the content of these older files and reuse them under a new filename in order to be able to update contracts?

Thank you very much in advance!