How to set the inital token price on DEX before anyone else?

Assume I have a launched BEP20 token with Supply 1000.
I use 100 tokens for airdrop and promotion. I have distributed these 100 tokens to 100 people (1 per person).
I had a plan to use 500 tokens for liquidity pool and remaining 400 tokens for marketting, development and other purposes later.

I was about to launch on Pancake Swap with Inital Liquidity Pool with 500 tokens : 5000 USDT
So that 1 token will cost 10 USDT.

But someone else (from the airdrop) made the inital liquidty pool with very very low rate like
1 token: 0.1 USDT

  1. Now how can i fix this mess and make the price to 10 USDT per token?
  2. Is there a way to avoid this situation?

Thanks in advance.