How to remove a contract (nuke) from an OpenZeppelin SDK project?

:computer: Environment

  • @openzeppelin/cli@2.6.0
  • truffle@5.1.14

Let’s say I initialise a project, deploy some ugpradeable instances, send some transactions. What if I want to redeploy a contract and use it with a clean slate?

I tried using oz remove CONTRACT_NAME but it didn’t remove it from dev-NETWORK_ID.json. How can I completely nuke out from orbit the development files?

I’m currently deleting the files and the json objects manually.

:1234: Code to reproduce
There’s nothing to reproduce here.

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Hi @PaulRBerg,

I manually remove the build directory and the <network>.json and manually remove the contract from project.json

I didn’t actually know about the remove command. :roll_eyes:
That currently just removes the contract from project.json

What would you expect oz remove to do?

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Argh, I see. Yeah this current solution is not bad, but I do think it’d also be nice to have some “oz delete” functionality where the contracts are just deleted from the testnet json file + possibly ganache is restarted? I don’t know.

So I guess I was expecting oz remove to do what the hypothetical oz delete from above does.

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Hey @PaulRBerg! The behaviour you are suggesting for oz remove actually makes a lot of sense. I’ve just filed an issue to keep track of it.