How to make Open Zeppelin upgrade process be automatically done?

I want to automate contract upgrading process using Open Zeppelin.
How can I automate the process? or I can’t?
Thank you!

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Hi @Shinsaku,

I wanted to understand a bit more what you are trying to do.

Under what circumstances do you want to upgrade a contract?

What part of the process do you want to automate?

If you are in development, you could use the Solidity Hot Loader: See the guide on Building an OpenZeppelin dapp with Solidity Hot Loader

Hi @abcoathup
I want to create the deploying script and execute to deploy new version implementation when I upgrade the solidity code.
Thank you.

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Hi @Shinsaku,

I would recommend that prior to upgrading on mainnet, that you test the upgrade locally and on public testnets.

You could either:

We can also test from a fork of a public network (the following covers the process but uses the older ZeppelinOS rather than the latest OpenZeppelin SDK: