How to lock bep-20 tokens

hello all, sorry if this is poorly written but this is my first time here as im trying to find a way to lock my bep-20 tokens that i created using remix ethereum ide, i tried to google it but all i found was sites that offer to lock the tokens for you for a crazy amount of money so id like to find a way to code it in the token code itself to lock the tokens so it shows legitimacy of the token and its projects, your help is greatly appreciated and do i have to send the tokens to pancake swap then lock them or do i lock them first?

You can look at our TokenTimelock contract. You need to deploy the contract with the right parameters and transfer the tokens to it. Test it first.

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ill try it right now thanks, appreciate it

im sorry but could you help me more with the tokentimelock please

Share what you’ve tried and what problems you ran into.

i used the code you linked and i used my values but had an error sorry ill send it asap