How to do Unlockable Content with smart contracts?

Hi all.

Has anyone figured out how to how to implement unlockable content? We’re minting NFTs that represent a digital file. Only the owner of a specific token should unlock the corresponding file.

The problem with doing this in the metadata is that someone who doesnt own the NFT will be able to find the file.


Hi @joey,

Have a look at Unlock: The Protocol for Memberships.

Also Use Tokens to Gate Any Content Anywhere.

I assume that once the content is unencrypted then anyone can copy it, so the challenge is to make it that this isn’t worthwhile.

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thanks man, i’ll check these out!

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Hi @joey,

You could also look at

Hi guys,

OpenSea and Rarible feature unlockable content. How do they implement it in ERC 721? As far as I can see, ERC 721 does not have a lock and the metadata file is openly visible.