How to deploy my 5000 JPEGS ? NFT Question

Hello, i'm an artist and i'm getting very interested about NFT's my question is simple, i have created 5000 uniques JPEGS characters that i would like now to deploy it in bulk with the correct metadata to my smart contract. but i don't find any ressources that gives me the opportunity to do so. Everything i've found is showing how to deploy or sell 1 NFT but my goal would be more the have my own website for my project where people would be able to mint the NFT's directly from my website. Anyone knows a ressources / tutorials showing how to do that ? thanks


So since you are an artist, creating own NFT minting website could prove to be a challenge. However, if you give it enough time and effort, I am sure you can do it.

For starters, I would encourage you to learn learn some web development (Colt Steele's Web Dev Bootcamp is very nice). Then, you can start learning smart contract development (CryptoZombies is a good starting place) and then.

This is a nice tutorial to make an NFT minter website, so once you have a good grip on solidity development and frontend development, you can follow it to get started on the journey to your own NFT minter website. (

Good luck :100:

We can do it for you as well.
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Just like Hasanza said, you can try to create one by yourself, and there are also some others ways, maybe you can have a try at here: Collection Manager ( but it needs to charge fee,