How to Create Upgradable Smart contract in Binance Smart chain

Hi All ,
I want to deploy an upgradable smart contract in Binance smart chain,can anyone help me in proxy code and steps to deploy an upgradable smart contract.

Have you checked our docs? :slight_smile:

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Hi @martriay, thanks for the response, can this be used for binance smart chain also. do you have any reference proxy code.

once again thanks @martriay, i tried the above doc you referred and I tried below document too.
still, I have an issue on verifying proxy code…here is the error I got.
> Compiler debug log:
> Error! Unable to generate Contract ByteCode and ABI
> Found the following ContractName(s) in source code : Address , BEP20UpgradeableProxy , Proxy , TransparentUpgradeableProxy , UpgradeableProxy
> But we were unable to locate a matching bytecode (err_code_2)

Please use the search, this has been asked way too many times.

thanks, @martriay I will check it out.