Attaching Proxy to a Contract from Defender

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use Defender with an upgradeable contract. Is there any way that I can attach a proxy contract because I can't call contract functions without attaching a proxy contract, transactions fail. Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

Hi @0x471

Thanks for reaching out.

Defender does not support deploying contracts.

In order to better understand your problem here are few questions:

Can you confirm that you have deployed a contract with cli tool that supports deployment of upgradable contracts? For example Remix does not support deployment of upgradable contracts. Example of using OZ cli for deployment.

While importing a contract have you used a proxy address with contract implementation ABI?

What functions are you trying to call?


Hi again,

I deployed the contract using hardhat. The contract is a fungible token contract and I tried to call functions like mint. Here are the logs for binance smart chain:

deploying "DefaultProxyAdmin" (tx: 0xe21bbb9802e699db35115a40c4279094838b848bdf331a6ac8db93fa449593d4)...: deployed at 0x178cB5634180a32Ff79EBF983f864cC6E01527c4 with 670161 gas
deploying "NNNToken_Implementation" (tx: 0x12834a6463a7ace6f2c066a72b6018c2e15f7ad010fb2f11a34a54630670b134)...: deployed at 0xdB6631579B68a04F4c666b4A5b8035016693fdCF with 2534739 gas
deploying "NNNToken_Proxy" (tx: 0x24426781ea07514daaf1002709d5c5b81bd9f62d27ec18ff6d24720499aed371)...: deployed at 0x07339fd7139498F8271650C7EaB08f8250977912 with 989318 gas

I need to call functions through the proxy contract (by attaching) but I couldn't find a way for it defender.

Hi @0x471

Thanks for sharing info about contracts.

Can you tell us where do you actually get stuck and what error do you receive?

Gnosis Safe is the owner of admin contract. Minter role is set to Gnosis safe address. So to call mint it has to be done through Gnosis Safe as part of the proposal.