How to create a crowdsale for an ERC20 contract?

Hello do anyone has an idea on how to create a crowdsale erc20 contract . i.e if bob send 1TH he will recieve 100 or 200 tokens automatically, is it possible in erc20 and also how can i blacklist ethereum address from sending token or burn token sent to the wrong address [if token is sent to a scammer is there anyway to burn it from the address ]
(i created the contract address)

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Hi @speedevs,

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OpenZeppelin Contracts include Crowdsales in v2.x (Please note: Crowdsales were removed in v3.x)

If you are creating an ERC20 or a crowd sale I suggest looking at Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777)

Whilst you can include deny list functionality in a new token, you should consider under what circumstances this would be used. As any token holder could be added to the deny list, making it not trustless.

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Thanks alot i appreciate

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