Has access to crowdsale contracts been removed? what's the best way for me to write a pre-sales, distribution and whitelist contract... if anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it... thanks !!

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Since version 3.0.0, this contract has been removed. Maybe you can check out the previous documentation: Crowdsales - OpenZeppelin Docs

And there is a tutorial for the crowdsale contract, you can have a look: Simple ERC20 Crowdsale | OpenZeppelin Community


Hey @iamcarllosjr, welcome to the community!

Thanks for your quick response @Skyge, I’m adding a few extra things:

First, you can have some extra context in this thread.

Also, I think the best way of achieving what you’re looking for is to use a Merkle tree, which you can see in action in this workshop. Note that it’s appled to NFTs but the concepts are easily applicable to ERC20s.

Best to both!

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