How to Conduct a PreSale? + Liquidity Locking?

I have created a token which I want to use in multiple projects as a payment and rewards system.
I want to conduct a PreSale on my project's website itself. I have some questions. Kindly help.

  1. Should I add the Initial liquidity at the time of PreSale or After the PreSale?

  2. (Im worried abou) If I don't add liquidity before PreSale.. What if some PreSale buyer set the initial liquidity on
    PanCakeSwap and manipulate/screw the initial price of the project? How can I prevent this?

  3. And If I add the liquidity initially, Can I increase the price of token after the PreSale, as PreSale price should be less than actual launch.

  4. Another question, If I don't add liquidity for presale, then how would I sell my tokens to the presale buyers? Manually! One way could be I get the money and transfer the tokens to them at their given address manually! Is this the right way to conduct a PreSale?

  5. Any safe way to lock the LP_Tokens? I don't have Lock_Liquidity functionality in the contract.

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