Checklist for IDO


First of all sorry if this is a wrong forum for this question. I have created my token with customized tokenomics and agreement logic between buyer and seller of digital goods. I am ready for a fair launch. However, I have several questions. Should I lock adding liquidity so no one can add liquidity before the fair launch IDO? How do you go around it? Is there a TO DO list in preparation for an IDO? What if someone just adds liquiodity to my token before the initial sale?

If you will do fair launch, why you do an IDO?
Btw if you plan to make a presale/IDO, make sure to lock the tokens until liqudiity is added. If you send tokens to someone without disable trading, he could add liqudiity and set price before you.
I suggest to use a flag like tradingEnabled and use it inside a require statmente at the start of the transfer function. Leave it disabled until you have done everything, included added liqudity


Maybe no, at least I do not know.

And just like FreezyEx said, you can add a flag to decide when will the trade start.

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