How to compile and migrate the provable-starter-kit?

I am trying to build a smart contract that involves using Provable to fetch API data. The starter-kit looks good but I was not able to find a good documentation related on how to compile and deploy it the second time. I know how to do it for the first time but now I am confused how to proceed when I try to make changes
I tried a few steps please correct me if I am wrong

  • npx truffle develop: Launch the Truffle develop console:
  • npx ethereum-bridge -a 9 -H -p 9545 --dev: Open a new console in the same directory & spool up the ethereum-bridge
  • truffle compile
  • truffle migrate (truffle migrate --development --reset)
  • cd client && npm run start: To start Truffle server

Also, if you could explain a few areas Web3 will be used to invoke smart contract function but I am confused where are these files inside Starter Kit

:computer: Environment


:1234: Code to reproduce

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Hi @raghav,

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I found the following blog post on the Provable starter kit:

I haven’t used the Provable starter kit before. OpenZeppelin halted active development on starter kits this year, for more details see: Doubling down on security.

You may want to ask Provable on Gitter for the current recommended way to get started (which may still be the starter kit):

You can also look at the Provable documentation:

Hello, thank you so much for replying back!
Can you guide me, I have been trying to develop a Smart-contract and it requires the use of an API to fetch data and in short I need to use Provable.
But, I am not able to find anything regarding it. I think that the whole concept of fetching data from outside due to security has been depriciated,
This starter-kit i tried but I think even being a little updated on Github, there is still no docs or guides on how to play with A front end Smart contract that uses Provable.

I developed a Smart contract (
which used a API and I think I should further proceed with that only. Even Provable docs uses solidity old version in their docs.
If you could, do you think it is even valuable to develop something again using all this

Hi @raghav,

If I understand correctly you want to create an application and smart contract where peer to peer betting on real events can take place and you want to use an offchain API to provide the results.

I suggest you seek appropriate advice regarding regulatory requirements on any such app.

Have you tried asking Provable on Gitter for the current recommended way to get started (which may still be the starter kit)?