Truffle migration to ropsten

Hi Andrew, question…do you see anything wrong with this config file that could prevent a migration to ropsten? NPX seems to always push the migration through on ‘development’ regardless if ropsten is found or not. I cleaned the DNS cache, cleaned web browser dns cache, but I think it may be an issue where NPX is looking in node_modules for a network.js file and overlooking truffle-config.js in the project dir…I did notice a few network updated comments as well but I cant locate the contracts on ropsten as of yet…also I tried running the box tests on my contracts just to see what would happen and the tests failed because of data retrieval noticing changes or something similar…Are those box test scripts appropriate at all for low initial testing on ERC20_Upgradeable? Hopefully you can zoom in on this png file of my truffle-config.js :

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Hi @rmourey26,

I didn’t see anything obvious (aside from no apparent configuration for Solidity compiler version, see:

Are you specifying the network to use? e.g. npx truffle migrate --network ropsten