How to automate Stripe and Smart contracts?

How to automate @stripe to a Smart Contract (or NFT)?

:large_blue_circle: Buys using Stripe -> NFT membership sent automatically

:large_blue_circle: Pauses on Stripe -> NFT membership paused

:large_blue_circle: Cancels on Stripe -> NFT membership is burnt/deactivated

You need to setup an ethers.js script, connect a funded wallet and call the specific Smart Contract method every-time an event on Stripes occur.
I think that strips have webhooks and things like that, you should start to provide a working webhook uri, check the response, elaborate it and fire or not the smart contract function. Also the connected wallet must be the owner/manager of the contract. You can connect a wallet using mnemonic or private key.

Hi If u need any assistance on this please let me know we can see the progress and help you accordingly me and my team have good ones for this task let me know your requirement

Hey @Pooria,

The answer @hiutaky provided is clear enough, Iā€™ll add that you can also use Defender Relay if you want to send transactions that way, and wiring it to a Defender Autotask to create the webhook URI. Docs are straight forward.

Also, weā€™ve recently added support for the stripe headers in the Autotask environment

Hope this also helps :slight_smile: