How is possible to buy a token but transfer 0!

hope all be fine.

today I bought a token for about 3 times, and transaction confirmed, but 0 tokens transferred to my wallet at all.
after few minutes, i saw the chart is growing and it is going up!
and after that I made another buy and this time i was able to have some tokens in my wallet.

how is that possible? what is included in contract to make it behave like this?

does anybody knows about this situation?

I doubt this is related to the openzeppelin or its forum, but you should try to give some data for somebody to be able to help you.

On what platform are you buying
What transaction id of your purchases
Your wallet address
what chain is the platform on?
what token are you buying?

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Thanks for your reply
in fact, It was a shitcoin on bep20 and I bought it from pancakeswap and poocoin.
this are transactions:

You probably want to ask this on the pancakeswap forums. Here is highly improbable that someone that knows that particular exchange and/or token is going to know what is wrong with these tx's. I could very much be a bug.

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