How do we trace events for upgradeable contracts?

I followed the post here, it works as expected. But I am not sure how to trace the events. The deployed contract here does not show the events properly. I am not able to get through this in my contract as well. Your guidance would be deeply appreciated. Thank you in advance.

An initial issue with your deployment is that your implementation contract is not verified. I assume you need to do that first in order to get events verified.

The implementation address for this contract seems to be 0xEc784bE1CC7F5deA6976f61f578b328E856FB72c.

Thank you for the response. As you suggested, I've verified my new implementation contract in here. And then I called up a method update amount in the proxy contract with this transaction. But the problem seems to be the same.

I see that you have upgraded the contract. Please verify the new implementation contract and use proxy contract verification and see if that works.

Thank you very much. It works now and I am glad to get the follow ups. :smiley: