How do I make a Keeper contract with a parent address?


I believe I have contracts and tokens on my Meta Mask which need to be brought forward.

I listened to the Open Zeppelin Chainlink workshop about Keepers contracts.

I asked a question and Patrick Collins said I could use the forwarder contract for the process they were explaining in the workshop.

I have looked at both docs Chainklink and Open Zeppelin. I do not know how to get a keeper compliant contract and also the parent address connected to this contract seems to be an issue. Any help in the steps I need to do would help. Or is there a remix deploy option so I could just sign with my Meta Mask?

I see the links for the docs I have tried to make a keeper compliant contract and have been unable to do so.

The Steps I did which made this forwarder contract.

I first made this simple storage contract at Buidl on mainnet

I took the contract 0x2957E95B894180B1984224D8C0F118D1De1fd93a

And added it to my Open Zeppelin Admin, Autotask, Relayer, and Sentinel.

I added my ethereum address to the code in autotask. Three transactions happened and 100 wei and small amounts of eth was sent to my Nexo eth address wallet…

Also The Forwarder token contract was made automatically.

My Relayer with Open Zeppelin

My Relayer kept running out of Gas when it was trying to make transactions to my Gnosis Safe


Hi @Surfff, thanks for reaching out! Would you share some more details about what you’re trying to accomplish? Is 0x2957E95B894180B1984224D8C0F118D1De1fd93a supposed to be serviced as an Upkeep?

There’s many reasons why your relayer might be running out of gas. It is possible that it doesn’t have proper permissions to run the transaction through your Gnosis Safe.