How can I wait for a tx to be mined using relayer.sendTransaction?

in my code I do await relayer.sendTransaction(params) and the async returns once the tx is sent to the mempool, I need instead to wait until it is mined (I know about the 5 mins timeout and I'm 99% sure I won't run into this issue on the chain I'm on)

How can I achieve this?

Hello @Nikk,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently we don't have a mechanism to update you when the transaction is mined since this is an async call we send back the transactionId and other data that you can use to monitor the transaction status by using "query" function which will tell you if it's in pending, mined or failed status.

Hope this helps.


Hi @sai thanks for your answer, in the end I ended up using tx.wait() of ethers which should allow me to wait for the mined transaction, but I still don't get the desired outcome (see Autotask issues transactions before the time indicated by the cronjob )