Is an error reported if transactions fail to be mined?

Suppose my Autotask code snippet sends a transaction. The task does not await mining and returns from the handler. But the transaction fails in the end to be mined. Will Defender notify the account of the failure?

Suppose the same scenario with two transactions. Will Defender similarly notify of both transaction failures?


:computer: Environment

Relayer and Autotask


Using ethers.js to send the transaction(s) (DefenderRelayProvider and DefenderRelaySigner).

Hi @dkent600 -

Defender will continue to retry transactions until the validUntil parameter is reached (defaults to 8 hours if not provided with the request). At that point, it will replace the transaction with a NOOP, which except in very rare circumstances will be mined.

Defender does not provide any notifications when NOOPs are sent.

Please let us know if you have any other questions

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Thanks! Even if there is no notification, will a NOOP transaction still show up in a Defender log somewhere?

Yes, it would show up in logging like this:

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