How can I get back ownership my token contract Masterchef

Hello Community!

Ok so recently, I’ve transferred the ownership of my token to the masterchef,
is there any option to get back the ownership?

Thank you very much

Hey @Omer_Elibol
can you share the code please

This is bsc testnet contract address Masterchef : 0x90DA5d6B77194FBE506A2B394C0e9555e75f8135
and this Token Contract address : 0x0432845Fd372a86Ebab32DFA471633B7E1bf222D

Unfortunately you can't recover the ownership of the token from the masterchef contract.

Is there any way to get this back?

Nope. You could have rescued it only if the masterchef contract had an appropriate function for it

function changeTokenOwner(address _addr) public onlyOwner{

its true function or not ?