Help with first smart contract

Smart Contract Payment Distribution

I need to pay on regular basis to different wallets shares of money. Lets say 100 bucks come in, then automatically the smart contract should distribute that like this:

  • 20% to Adam
  • 20% to Eve
  • 50% to Tax
  • 7.3% to Snake
  • Rest to Donation (everything that’s left)

All of it can be hard coded, only the amount that comes in changes, so I need to calculate in %

Can someone share a template or guide me somewhere I can find one? I use to program in Cobol, C, Pascal, etc., but don’t do that since 25 years anymore. So I will understand code that comes, but it’s hard to get a start.

And is it possible with USDT on Tron Blockchain, or only on Ethereum? Or what do I need to know?