Hello World - Constructs and Contracts

I found a lot of tutorials till wizard for contract writing.
In xy standards, but i not find tutorials & soft for absolute beginners,
to create a construct for some more contracts. :frowning:
What i like to create is not soo big, its under 100 contracts, and only some will be a bit longer later.

To start up "anyway" i like now to create at first all the empty contracts with a "hello-world_2342" content.
Only to have contract names and ID`s to put them into the game-card backend-template-production...

// After this step, i can perhaps selling some first Alpha-Game-Cards, and can hire some hands.. :))

... Any ideas how i can make it "easy"..?

Hi, :wave:

I think you can share your code to explain what would you want to do.